Sunday, March 19, 2017

ONLY  WOMEN BLEED 2- Empowering women through art

In celebration of the National Women's Month, Gabriela, Linangan ng Kulturang Pilipino, and Pinoy na Pinoy Visual Artists Association present an all women art exhibit, "Only Women Bleed 2."

Based on the idea that art empowers women and is a powerful tool in creating awareness and advocating change, fifty three women artists came up with works that keep the discussion moving and the mind advancing in terms of how women have the ability to shape perceptions on sexuality, gender equality, family, society, and life in general.

The exhibit was further enhanced by the performances in different art platforms by some of the participating artists.

"Only Women Bleed 2" which opened on March 18 at Sikat Events Place is for the benefit of Gabriela's Violence Against Women and Children Program. The exhibit will run from March 19 to 25, 10am to 6pm. For inquiries, please contact Sikat Events Center at tel. nos. 2823096, 09052114886, and 9272529312

My painting, "Dancing with Birds"

"Dancing with Birds" by Adecastroan

Ms. Julie Po, Chairwoman, Linangan ng Kulturang Pilipino

Ms. Eunice de Asis, Producer, Springfilm Foundation

Ms. Gert Libang, Vice Chairwoman, Gabriela

An interpretative dance number

Poems by Adecastroan

A musical piece by Jeanette Kamphuis

Song on women by Gina Luz Francisco and interpreted through a dance number

With participating artists Nitz Hernaez and Elizabeth Bustamante

Yolanda de Castro- Cabuco and her painting

Precy D. Brady and her painting

Corinne Juliano Salazar and her painting

Gina Luz Francisco and her painting

Cocoy and Iris

Some of the paintings on exhibit

Some of the paintings on exhibit