Monday, February 2, 2015

Amberdawn Creations Over A Cup Of Coffee

Looking at other artists' works is akin to sitting on a chair. Either it gives me a comfortable feeling or makes me feel uneasy. It is sitting on a cushioned chair or on one made from wrought iron. There are paintings that are just pleasant to look at but there are some that make me feel uneasy, stir my emotions and make me weave stories in my head. For an effective art has four dimensions, the three we can see and the fourth, the story behind it.

I am drawn to the art by Amberdawn Creations, its paintings, collages and photography. Probably because its art fills a certain gap whenever I view other art works. Probably because its art is different. Probably because its art makes me pleasantly uncomfortable. It has this factor called intensity, intensity of thoughts and feelings. This intensity fuels my mind to create stories.

I threw the artist several questions one afternoon, questions about his art. In a nutshell, his art is about his life. It is expressive of all the trials he has gone through in his young life. It is when he processes his pains brought about by his personal experiences in a once war-torn Croatia that he comes up with art that resonates. His art is manifest of his thoughts and emotions, his art is his visual philosophy.  Having no formal schooling in art, he enhances his talents with experimentation and researches on techniques through the internet.

I ponder on his works and art itself over a cup of coffee. Really, art gives us two great gifts of emotion, the emotion of recognition and the emotion to escape our present reality. Both of these take us out of the boundaries of ourselves and let us journey into the land of the artist's dreams. And that is exactly what the art of Alen Knezevic is all about.

Keeper of the Forest
Fear is the Key

Guitar craft
The artist, Alen Knezevic


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