Friday, November 21, 2014

SAN SALVADOR ISLAND: Tranquil beauty that beckons- photos by Densdec

We ride a banca with other passengers going to the island of San Salvador for the fare of ten pesos each only. The sea is the color of turquoise and is pleasantly placid during the trip. I chat with an elderly passenger, lola Agapita who is a native of the island. At the age of seventy seven, she is still strong and sprightly and can carry a bundle of wood to the banca. She has eleven children and sixty grandchildren, and makes native delicacies like suman for a living. Joie de vivre is clearly written on her face. Indeed, she is a woman who has joyfully lived every single moment of her life in this peaceful, rustic island.

San Salvador is located off the coast of Masinloc, Zambales. It is not only a home for fishermen but also its sea is a sanctuary for clams locally called taklobos. It has a quality that bewitches any visitor to the island. Its beauty doesn't shout and is not imposing. Rather, like a demure Zambalena, its beauty charms, silently calls and steals one's heart slowly.

The shore is cream colored like the pastillas, a local delicacy made from carabao's milk and is a specialty in this area of Zambales. The verdant trees locally called aroma line the shore and have thorny branches that stretch far as if eagerly reaching for the sea and the azure sky. Some backyards have sturdy green stalks of rice that are pregnant with golden grains waiting to be harvested. Seaweeds are left to dry under the sun for they will be used for gelatin making.

With my tapis and accessories to match, I am ready for our photoshoot. Densdec starts taking my photos and I internalize and immerse myself in the tranquil beauty of my surroundings.

As we ride the banca to leave San Salvador before the sun sets, I can't help but glance back with a tinge of sadness in my heart. I listen to the rustling of the aroma leaves and the murmur of the waves as if beckoning me to return for another sojourn. I smile then sigh as the island grows smaller and smaller as we travel back to the mainland. Surely, I will miss the island that bewitched me and unexpectedly stole my heart. :)

                                          A treasure from the sea
                                          Enjoying my own company
                                          Oh I could be a mermaid forever...

                          The tranquil beauty of San Salvador Island

                                 The charming lola Agapita talks about her life
                                          Loving the sea and sky

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