Friday, November 21, 2014

FIRE AND RAIN- the art of Alen Knezevic from Croatia

How does one describe the art of Alen Knezevic? It is fire and rain. The burning passion that is fire and the pouring vision that is rain, both expressed in his art.

Alen Knezevic, a twenty nine year old artist from Croatia, started his career in art in 2012. This was the year when he held steadfast to his faith, embraced christianity and emerged victorious from a personal crisis.

He was greatly inspired by the works of the masters in art that he saw in various museums in Louvre and Versailles, France. However, although this experience ignited his passion for the visual arts, he primarily attributes his artistic pursuit to God's divine guidance.

Alen is a highly creative, intelligent and versatile artist. He does paper art (quilling, collages, book scrapping) and book art wherein he incorporates words in his visual art so as to weave a story. He also paints and uses a variety of techniques and media such as fire, acrylic and watercolor.There is absolutely no limit to his imagination and ardor for his artistic creations; for him, any material can be used in art by a resourceful artist with a fertile imagination. He is also into photography with landscape and people as his favorite subjects.

The art of Alen manifests his inner struggles, philosophical beliefs, visions in life, hopes and dreams. His is intelligent art that vibrates with color and resonates with passion and ideas. He presents how he sees the world, his ideas and stand on matters and interprets them in the form of satire, folk art or fantasy.

Looking at his work is a sublime experience. The viewer goes into contemplation as he gazes at his work and is pleasantly absorbed by the intensity of colors, the fine details as well as the depth of the message conveyed.

Interested art buyers/ collectors can get in touch with him through his email address which is


                                          The art of Alen Knezevic


  1. thank you Adec my friend!!! it's great and you are great!!!

  2. The pleasure is mine. Continue to sparkle, pursue your art! All the best my friend from me, Adecsky explorer :)