Monday, March 2, 2015

Gray Wall Art Studio- Jude and Naila Puruganan's romance with art

Art makes the heart grow fonder for another. Exactly! For Jude and Naila Puruganan, it is art that brought them together, binds them together and helps keep the ball rolling in their relationship not just as husband and wife but also as comrades in art.

This energetic tandem are the brains behind Gray Wall Art Studio that boasts of a collection of works by various artists such as Victor Puruganan, Jun Martinez, Angel Cacnio, Romulo Olazo, Ramon Orlina, Napoleon Abueva, Vicente Manansala, Rodolfo Samonte, Greg Bolanos, Menchu Arandilla, and me to name a few. Jude and Naila conceptualized the creation of the studio and formally started its operations in 2013. It was primarily envisioned to bring art closer to the people. As such, the duo came up with the idea of having a traveling art; they bring the art pieces to various events and venues such as galleries, parks and bazaars. This proactive couple eventually plans to expand and come up with other art venues in Ilocos, the province of Jude, and Aklan, the province of Naila.

Jude's exposure to art dates back to 1983. His father, master artist Ricarte Puruganan, used to take him along with him to various events, instilling in him the love for the arts, and making him learn the ropes of the trade. It was on one occasion that he met Naila who was then connected with an established art gallery. It was definitely love at first sight for them. As time goes by, their love for each other definitely keeps their romance with art passionate.

Jude and Naila Puruganan with my art work

The legacy of art from Ricarte Puruganan lives in the hearts of Jude and Naila

The studio boasts of art works by known artists

Gray Wall Art Studio
11 Don Narciso St., Don Enrique Heights
Commonwealth Ave., Quezon City
Landline: 7856984
Instagram: graywallartstudio

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