Wednesday, August 19, 2015

CROSSING THE BOUNDARIES OF TIME AND SPACE IN ART- The National Museum of the Philippines

Going to an art museum is not simply looking at the art works per se. It is feeling the soul of the artist through his work. After all, art is the universal language of the soul. Art is what connects one person with another, gone or still living. Thus, it can be an emotional experience for anyone, and for me in particular, as a viewer and an artist. I can instantly be moved by what I see, an indication that a particular painting resonates with the thoughts and emotions of the artist and has touched my core.

Off I went with my brother to the National Museum of the Philippines and had a total art immersion. There were two buildings that we visited and it took us four hours to go around and feel every single work of art. One building was allocated for paintings and sculptures, while the other one was a repository for archaeological finds in the Philippines.

I felt the passion of Juan Luna and recalled his tragic life as I gazed at his painting, "Spoliarium". I was totally absorbed by his powerful depiction of the bodies of gladiators being pulled out from a Roman arena after a fight. I felt intense horror as I viewed the paintings that showed the atrocities committed by Japanese soldiers to Filipinos during World War ll. I felt vibrant as I looked at the works of Ben Cabrera and felt like dancing in a white robe just looking at the symmetry of his "Sabel". I felt tranquility as I looked at the resplendent women of Fernando Amorsolo and could almost hear the soft murmurs of the wind as it playfully teased the bandanas, the hair of the beautiful maidens sitting by the river. I had a surge of instant joy as I recognized the strokes of my master artist friends, Raul Isidro, Pablo Baen Santos, Egai Talusan Fernandez, Fundacion Sanso, and Nune Alvarado. Indeed, I was bursting with emotions and was feeling every molecule of the moment. I was walking, brushing shoulders with the masters, and crossing the boundaries of time and space.

The 150 peso entrance fee was indeed worth the experience except for some moments of uneasiness brought about by glances from a few lady guards. Maybe they were afraid that I would fling my arms in a fit of uncontrollable elation and accidentally hit a piece of sculpture. So I was informed by a lady guard not to emulate any pose in a painting or sculpture as per management's order. Or perhaps, they were used to the usual solemn gazing at the art works by viewers and my actuations were beyond the ordinary. Well, art has to be felt. It is a personal experience with the soul of the artist residing in his art work. It is an instantaneous connection between two souls, that of the artist and that of the viewer. It is savoring the sublime moment with spontaneity, unmindful of others and the passing of time.

The National Museum of the Philippines

"Spoliarium" by Juan Luna

A staff of the museum talks about "Spoliarium"

Painting of a lady by Juan Luna

A portrait of Juan Luna

A portrait of Luisa Reyes Vergel de Dios by Fernando Amorsolo

A portrait of Serafina Santos y Aduna by Ramon Peralta

"Rape and Massacre in Ermita" by Diosdado M. Lorenzo

Portrait of Mr. Cheng Ban Lee and Mme. So Boan Ty by Federico Aguilar Alcuaz

An array of paintings by Arturo Luz

A Raul Isidro painting

A painting by Jose Joya

Paintings by Egai Talusan Fernandez

A painting by Pablo Baen Santos

A painting by Pablo Baen Santos

A painting by Nunelucio Alvarado

"Sabel" by Ben Cabrera

A painting by Romulo Olazo

"Arko Ng Pagkakaisa Para Sa Kalayaan" by Egai Talusan Fernandez

A painting by Fundacion Sanso

"The Black Nazarene of Quaipo" by Ricarte Puruganan

A photography exhibit of places in the Philippines

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