Thursday, August 6, 2015


Being Adecsky Explorer is not just about exploring a place. It is more than that. It is having the common touch, getting to know people no matter how unconventional they seem to be. They are different people that make this world truly interesting. Listening to them talk about their lives is always a learning experience, having the privilege to enter their world, understanding it, and doing away with labeling. I consider them to be among the most fascinating people here on earth. They think without a box and are candid about their thoughts and feelings once you gain their trust.

Whenever I go around our subdivision, I usually see a guy dressed differently. He goes around with his dog every saturday. He dons a military helmet and holds a baton while walking around. I have always been curious about him. So I got my luck one sunday afternoon after feeding the dogs at Toffee's Haven. On my way home, I spotted the guy walking towards my direction and waited for him. Of course I pretended not to be eagerly waiting for him. I hid a little bit by camouflaging myself with some leaves. When he got near me, I sprang from behind a tree like Robinhood and greeted him with a vivacious hello.That started our conversation. I introduced myself as Adecsky Explorer, left him for awhile to get my camera, juice, biscuits, and an orange, then hurriedly went back.

I read Roy on the badge on his shirt so I said, "You must be Roy and you must be an artist." Yes, he said, his name was Roy. He called himself Roy Vincent. Vincent was for his family name Vicente. And another yes, he was an artist. It was a good guess on my part. He spoke fluent english and had an american accent to boot. He had a childlike enthusiasm as he talked about his love for Nala, his dog, that he walks every saturday. His saturdays were for walking his dog while his sundays were for strolling alone. He was so proud of Nala which he claimed to be a jack russell like Manny Pacquaio's dog. Of course it is an aspin or askal but I understand his sentiments being proud of my own aspin dogs which I claim to have aristocratic breeds too. Aside from talking about Nala and having another dog in their house, he also talked incessantly about his love for drawing cartoon characters. I was totally engrossed and was instantly transported to Neverland in my rain boots. What a delightful afternoon with Peter Pan!

Roy, a middle child, is a born again christian who lives with his eldest sister in a rented house. His sister does spiritual healing while his youngest brother works in the Middle East and supports them financially. He loves the Philippines and that's the reason why he decided to leave the US after staying there for sometime and stay here for good. Unfortunately, they have to leave our subdivision soon as the house they are renting is due for demolition.

But hey wait! Why does he wear a military helmet and with a baton to match everytime he walks around? He told me a secret. He has always wanted to be a soldier and he is living every minute of his life as a soldier, protecting all creatures great and small. He said he was also a soldier in a past life and was sorry that he was on the other side of the fence when I told him about memories of my own past life as a jew that was persecuted by nazi soldiers and finally thrown in a gas chamber.

Come to think of it, we can forever be children like Roy in our own Neverland...if we only live a life like Peter Pan's.

I am with Peter Pan in his Neverland

Roy walking his precious Nala

Roy is out to protect all creatures great and small

In my fashionable rain boots courtesy of Elsie, my sidekick

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