Wednesday, July 31, 2013

DENSDEC- Exotic Mixture

Densdec (Dennis S. de Castro) is one interior decorator and landscape artist who is unafraid to take risk in implementing his artistic vision. He punctuates a place with exceptional objet d' arts and adds a healthy splash of enthusiasm, producing a creative cocktail that oftentimes defies rules. In the language of design, his ability is innate fluency seasoned through years of experience. Certainly, he has a designer's creative eye in weaving cultures in his design. So compelling is his usual exotic combination that one can almost hear the music of India and the east. He has this remarkable ability to capture the enduring spirit of a vivid, often cacophonous life. Indeed, his capacity to distill the essence of a place, whether indoor or outdoor, and translate it into a stunning visual imagery is his forte.

 Densdec, designer of the Baliba Sun House

                                                      An antique Chinese door

                                            Afghan wooden containers

                                   "The Lady of Vladimir" by Fernando Sena

                            An old wooden panel complements the other art pieces

                             A rice basket is artfully converted into a hanging lamp

                                                     Bells used in Tibetan rituals

                                                     The Dancing Shiva

                                                     Indonesian candle holders

                           Moroccan lamps are not only beautiful but also make good
                           conversational pieces

                                 A bulol watches over the mangoes and suman ^_^

An old medicine cabinet converted into an artistic cabinet for CD's

The Baliba Sun House
                                                    The driftwood is not just decorative but
                                                     also functional

                                                    The Baliba Sun House
                                     Do not decorate an area to within an inch of its life;
                                     give it space to breathe and have its own personality.

                                           "No Logging", a sculpture by Densdec

                                                  "Girl with Hibiscus" by Adecastroan

Bali Estela

"Forever My Love Will Be" by Adecastroan and   
"Lace and Santan Flowers" by Raul Patindol

It is not about keeping up with the art. It is about creating 
a background. Rooms are never just about the important 
art pieces and pictures.

Making choices, whether an important career move or the whimsical
placement of an object, is not just part of life. It is what makes each
person unique.

"Bird Charmers" by Adecastroan

"Tropicale" by Adecastroan

"Madame Butterfly's Fan" by Adecastroan

Photos courtesy of Densdec