Monday, July 22, 2013

I WRITE AND PAINT, THEREFORE I AM- with apologies to Rene Descartes :P

I always carry with me my little red book on poetry. It is my diary where I write my thoughts and feelings in the form of a poem. 

I normally write early in the morning while having my cup of coffee. This is the time when my brain functions rather fast and words flow like stream. I also write late in the evening when everything around me is quiet except for the chirping of  birds from a nearby avocado tree. These are the moments that I can truly say that I am content in the company of my own thoughts.

From time to time, I traverse from image to text or simultaneously paint and mentally compose my poems.  I utilize my mental agility to multitask, hold my focus, and create two art forms at the same time. 

Writing poems has been a salve to my personal angst on matters of consequence and helps wash away the grimes of my daily life. Surely, it has been a way for me to express my thoughts and feelings as I continue my life's journey. 

"Forever My Love Will Be", soft pastel


Constantly you question
My being alone

And why I dwell
In a different space
That nobody can have

I become silent
And even my unsettled soul
Becomes still

Outside, droplets
Of rain fall
The gardenias are just

Adec   March 13,2013


"Gentle Is The Night", oil 

As I Close My Eyes

As I close my eyes
I see your face
a star at night 
that I'll never see

As I close my eyes
I taste your lips
salt of the ocean
on my rose petal

As I close my eyes
I hear your voice
song of the sea
serenading me

As I close my eyes
you own me
boa slithering
in my summer solstice

As I close my eyes
a veil of darkness
I free my soul
from the bondage of my love

Adec Dec. 12, 2013

"Transcience", oil 

A Preamble to Death

Decaying leaves
 are lying on the path
where I have to tread

How many times have I seen
the verdant 
turn to orange
then to brown?

For death comes
like a thief
in the coldest
of the night

It tiptoes and
without qualm
the light
from within

Adec Dec.28,2013

"The Glorious Wings of my Butterfly", soft pastel

I Whisper to a Butterfly

little wings
of light

I whisper
to a butterfly
as it wafts 
through the air.

How I wish 
to embrace
one more
vibrant summer
with you
but you won't let me

In my hand
that's frail and white
lay the multicolored beads
of remembering

Slowly, slowly
like tears
I let the beads
fall on the ground

Slowly, slowly
like an ember
you let
your love
for me

little wings
of light

I whisper
my mantra
of love
to a butterfly

Adec  Dec.29,2013

"The Passion of Flowers", oil 

The Passion of a Flower

With the sash undone
the shroud of mystery has fallen
I press my breasts
they are luminous
they burn against your chest

In the still of the night
my scarlet tulip
opens itself to the sky
on its tongue
the sweetest dewdrops of your love

Adec Dec.30,2013

"If You Forget Me", oil 

To My Nocturnal Flower

Oh my nocturnal flower
so delicate and ephemeral
how shamelessly you open
to the fullness of the moon

In the labyrinth
of my wild forest
its crimson pistil
is an intoxicated bee
it quivers
it sighs
it heaves
it points
to the evening sky

Oh my nocturnal flower
the moon is your eternal flame
it descends from heaven
to kiss your velvet

Adec Jan.9,2014

"Alindog sa Dapithapon", oil 

Isang Tula ng Pag-ibig

Nadarama ang tigas ng iyong damdamin
mistulang bato
sa bunganga ng dalampasigan
hindi alintana ang bawat haplos
ng palikawlikaw na tubig
nililok na pagdadalamhati
ng isang naghilom na sugat

Sadyang malalim ba ang pagtatampo?
hindi maigupo sa pangungusap
awit ng pag-ibig
o silakbo ng damdamin

Sa iyong alaala
dati akong paraluman
ng iyong paglalakbay
diwata ng gunita
walang pangalan
walang mukha

O bagwis ng pag-ibig
muli mong ibulong
makamundong awit ng pagsuyo
alaala ng libog, pagsinta
sa dapithapon.

Adec Jan.11,2014

"Walang Busabos sa Sariling Bayan", oil 

Para Kay Lolo Andres

Ilang panahon na ba
ng pagaalaala
nang ibaon ang tabak
sa iyong mga buto?
Pulandit ng dugo
sa pusikit na kadiliman
isang hiyaw
isang impit
sa pusod
ng kagubatan

O walang katapusang
piring ng kadiliman
walang katapusang
busal ng katahimikan
walang katapusang
tanikala ng pagkaalipin
tulad ng alipato
adhikain ay papailanlang
pag-ibig muling sisibol
sa landas ng pakikibaka!

Adec Jan.13,2014

"Aviana", oil 

I Am A Tree

I am a tree
I grow from the navel
of the earth

My serpentine arms
they reach for the sky
my roots
they intertwine
beneath the earth

I weep and howl
with every beating of the wind
I blossom, bear fruits
with every kiss
of the rain
My leaves 
are the shelter
of strength
my fruits
the vessel of my love

Oh how gloriously beautiful
I have become
season after season
I fall in love
again and again
with the earth
and the sky

Adec Jan. 20,2014

"I Dream Within My Dream", oil 

I Dream Within My Dream

In my dream I dream
an immaculate lily
its sinuous stem
is a little green mamba
like an Indian bangle
it coils around my wrist

It hisses
and it slithers
on the twin moons
that are incandescent
incarnate of my infinite dreams

I can sense it will
yes, it will prick my skin
I can sense it likes me to swim
in the ocean of my libidinal dreams

Oh for how long can Atalante still be Atalante?
for how long before I embrace
the Oedipus of pleasures undefined?

Adec March 18,2014

"Bleeding Flowers", oil

Bleeding Flowers

Why do my flowers bleed?
Because I cannot see you 
Flutter your wings
With the cloth on my eyes
I only feel your kiss
As you drink from the rosewater
Of my love

My flowers are abundant
Pregnant with passion
But cannot rejoice
Have I no blindfold
They would have blossomed
Played with the wind
Sang with the crickets
Danced with the pomegranates
But my flowers grieve
Their blood flow from their mouth
Into the crevices of the ground

Bird of desire
Oh please uncover my eyes
Let me see you flutter your wings
As you descend
To the portal of my lips
Drink from the rosewater 
Of my love

Adec  August 6,2014

"When Doves Cry", oil

When Doves Cry

Thorns of a rose
Have slashed my wrist
Where life and death
Now meet for a tryst

These thorns and rose
Are hurt and love
That tenderly stab
The heart of a dove

When doves cry
In silence they fly
They bear the pain
And slowly die

Oh white rose of purity
My pool of scarlet
Now infinity lurks
Before me

So I'll paint
My blood on canvas
Then I'll sleep
With the serenity
Of this brush

Adec  Sept.29,2014

"How Shall I Answer The Flattery Of Your Tongue?", oil

How Shall I Answer The Flattery Of Your Tongue?

How shall I answer
The flattery of your tongue?
Must I drop my veil?
A sunflower in a garden of sadness
I have walked too long
Now my heart seeks solace
In anyone's embrace

How shall I answer
The flattery of your tongue?
Must I be like you
Grow a flower from my tongue?
Must I let the hummingbirds
Drown in the sweetness of my bloom?
Tell me now
How shall I answer
The flattery of your tongue?

Adec  Feb. 2015

"Le Cygne", soft pastel

Le Cygne

My thoughts
Grow flowers
As the wind
Carries your song

And from a distance
I hear
The soft ruffling feathers
It's you
You dance
On a shimmering lake

Sweet tenderness
Never the swan of Leda
Forever gentle
When you play the strings
Of my harp

Le cygne
Sing not your last song
In the softness
Of this dying light
But make my roses embrace
In the sweet stillness
Of the night

Adec Jan.23,2015

I write and paint, therefore I am.

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